Spring Maintenance Tips for Hyundai Vehicles and EVs

Spring Maintenance Tips for Hyundai Vehicles and EVs

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Spring is on the horizon, and we think you'll agree that's good news. Winter can be fun, but it's certainly nice to see it take some time off and be replaced with warm temperatures, sunny days, and clear roads. The arrival of spring is also an opportune moment to have our Hyundai vehicle serviced and detailed.

Winter leaves traces, both aesthetic and mechanical. The following tips will ensure that your Hyundai is ready to go for your upcoming summer vacation or daily commute.

Service and Maintenance

Spring is a great time to have your Hyundai vehicle serviced. Booking a service appointment with our factory-trained Hyundai technicians means that you can have your Hyundai checked by competent experts. They will not only replace the fluids, oil, filters, and other key components required by the specific maintenance interval that you have reached but also check your Hyundai for any possible winter-related damage. We will inspect the wheel alignment, brakes, and any other component that could have suffered from excessive wear and tear over the last few months. Simply put, having your Hyundai serviced this spring will give you peace of mind, knowing that it is in perfect condition for the upcoming summer months.

Detailing and Cleaning

There's nothing like the feeling of picking up your Hyundai after it has been thoroughly cleaned and detailed by our experienced specialists. It looks brand new, and it smells brand new. Booking a detailing package this spring will ensure that your Hyundai looks great for the months ahead. It will also get rid of all the dirt and grime that has assuredly accumulated over the winter months. This protects your Hyundai and helps preserve its long-term resale value. Ultimately, having your Hyundai detailed, choosing one of our multiple and comprehensive detailing packages, is a wise investment and a great way to step into spring.

Consider Protecting Your Hyundai

We can thoroughly clean your Hyundai vehicle, but we can also protect it. We have multiple different products, such as paint protection wraps, paint sealing, and interior upholstery protection products designed to keep your Hyundai looking brand new, even with multiple road trips coming up. Inquire about the different ways we can protect your Hyundai's paint as well as its interior.

Take a Second to Think About Summer Tires

Summer tires don't nearly get the same level of attention as winter tires do. Still, they are just as important. Quality summer tires ensure traction and stability, guarantee fuel economy, and make every journey more enjoyable. If you have had the same set of summer tires for three or four seasons, it might be time to consider replacing them with a new set, or at the very least check their current condition. Our experts will be able to help you determine if you need new summer tires, and if so, which summer tires are best for your specific Hyundai vehicle.

Hyundai Electric Vehicle Spring Maintenance Tips

Our team can also help you get your Hyundai electric vehicle in peak condition for summer. Ultimately, the same tips provided above for Hyundai vehicles apply to EVs. However, you may not need a service interval in the next few months. If that's the case, consider checking your brakes to make sure they are still operating the way you want them to. You will likely still want to book a detailing appointment just to have your Hyundai Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6, or Kona EV looking pristine just in time for spring.

Give us a call today and let's get your Hyundai vehicle ready for the warm weather to come.

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