In-Depth Look at Hyundai’s 2024 SUV Lineup: Frequently Asked Questions

In-Depth Look at Hyundai’s 2024 SUV Lineup: Frequently Asked Questions

Hyundai Kona and Santa Fe on the road

Hyundai’s 2024 SUV lineup showcases the brand's commitment to innovation and versatility, catering to various lifestyles. This FAQ provides detailed insights into each model's features and capabilities.

Which Hyundai SUV is Best for Families?

The Hyundai Palisade and the Hyundai Santa Fe are top choices for families. The Palisade offers three rows of seats, accommodating larger families with ease, while the Santa Fe provides a spacious interior with advanced safety features, making it a reliable family vehicle. That said, every 2024 Hyundai SUV shines when it comes to interior space and overall versatility. The Tucson offers over 1,000 litres of cargo space with all seats in place while the redesigned Kona has over 700 litres, a huge increase over the previous generation.

What is the Most Economical SUV in Hyundai’s 2024 Lineup?

The 2024 Hyundai Venue, starting at an MSRP of $20,899, is the most affordable option. The Hyundai Kona, while slightly more expensive, also offers great value with its stylish design and urban-friendly features. Both models provide economical choices within Hyundai's diverse lineup.

Which Hyundai SUV Provides the Best Cargo Space?

The Hyundai Palisade leads in cargo space with up to 2,447 litres when the second and third rows are folded down. The Hyundai Tucson also offers ample cargo room, making both models suitable for those who need significant storage capacity for their travels. Meanwhile, the new 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe, with 411 litres of cargo space behind the third row, provides owners with the best of both worlds: Three-row seating without compromising cargo capacity.

What Are the Towing Capacities of Hyundai's 2024 SUVs?

For towing needs, the Hyundai Santa Fe can tow up to 4,500 pounds in the XRT version, while the Hyundai Palisade handles up to 5,000 pounds. These capabilities make both models excellent choices for towing trailers or boats, showcasing the strength of Hyundai’s lineup.

Does Hyundai Offer Electric SUVs in 2024?

Yes, the Hyundai Kona Electric as well as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 provide fully electric powertrains. The Kona Electric offers a range of 420 kilometres on a full charge, and the Ioniq 5 offers 488 km in its most efficient version.

Are Hybrid Options Available in Hyundai’s 2024 SUVs?

Indeed, the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid and the Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid are available. The Tucson Hybrid averages 6.3 litres per 100 km in fuel consumption and delivers 226 horsepower. The Santa Fe Hybrid offers a blend of efficiency and power with 231 horsepower and an average fuel consumption rating of under 7.0 litres per 100 km.

Which Hyundai SUV Has the Most Front Headroom?

The Hyundai Tucson offers the most spacious front headroom at 1,019 mm. The Hyundai Kona also provides generous front headroom, exceeding 1,000 mm, making both models comfortable for taller drivers. Hyundai's lineup ensures comfort across different models.

Which Model is Best for Rear Passenger Comfort?

The Hyundai Palisade excels in rear legroom, providing ample space for backseat passengers. The Hyundai Tucson also stands out with a class-leading 1,049 mm of rear legroom, making long journeys more comfortable. Hyundai prioritizes passenger comfort in its SUV lineup.

Which Hyundai SUVs Offer All-Wheel Drive?

The Hyundai Kona, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Palisade all offer all-wheel-drive (AWD) options. AWD is standard in every SUV except the Kona, enhancing traction and stability in various driving conditions and showcasing Hyundai's commitment to safety and performance.

Has the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Been Redesigned?

Yes, the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe is brand-new, featuring enhanced interior space and refined luxury. It now includes a longer wheelbase for improved passenger comfort, especially in the third row. The redesigned Santa Fe combines a sleek exterior with advanced safety features and diverse powertrain options, including hybrid variants.


Hyundai's 2024 SUV lineup offers a vehicle for every need, from compact urban models to luxurious family SUVs. Each model is equipped with advanced technology, safety features, and a range of powertrain options, including eco-friendly electric and hybrid choices. Hyundai ensures that whether you prioritize affordability, cargo space, towing capacity, or passenger comfort, there is an SUV designed to meet your preferences and requirements.

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